Save the Latin Mass Rosary Rally

Chicago – Holy Name Cathedral
Sunday, January 30, 11 AM – Noon

The Vatican is formally welcoming heretical groups to the table as part of the synodal process to “create a different Church”. Yet the traditional liturgy and “Old Rite” Catholicism practiced for many centuries are being eliminated by Cardinal Cupich and others, despite the fidelity to Christ and the deposit of faith that is so prevalent among traditional Catholics.

Join us in prayer on Sunday at Holy Name Cathedral, 735 N State St. in Chicago, to turn back Cardinal Cupich’s restrictions and preserve the TLM and sacred tradition. The Rosary will start at 11:20 to allow those attending 10 am Masses nearby to take part.

Holy Name Cathedral
735 N State St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Save the Latin Mass Rosary Rally – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Jan 23, 2022
Save the Latin Mass Rosary Rally – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Jan 23, 2022
Save the Latin Mass Rosary Rally – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, Jan 15, 2022
Save the Latin Mass Digital Mobile Billboard Tour Visits Cardinal Cupich’s Door at the Holy Name Cathedral Rectory – Chicago, Jan 15, 2022

5 thoughts on “Save the Latin Mass Rosary Rally

  1. If I had a million dollars I would spend every penny of it to save the Traditional Mass. I think as Shepards of the Church the Cardinal and Pope Francis should recognize we are not dividing the church, we are not saying the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid, quite the contrary, we are saying we find spiritual nourishment from this form of the Mass and this Mass has every right to coexist with the new right. We are one body in Christ, and they should recognize this.

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  2. The Latin Mass has existed for centuries, well before the Council of Trent codified it in a standard form in the 16th century, and has been the ONLY expression of the Western or Latin rite of the Catholic Church for over a millennium. Even Vatican II Council did not ban the Mass, nor did it mandate a new one, nor did it mandate “altar girls,” nor did it mandate communion on the hand. (Nor did it mandate the elimination of Latin, Gregorian Chant, statues, stained glass, altars, or altar rails. In fact, the Council called for the exact opposite – the *preservation* of this artistic and spiritual patrimony.)

    What will this Pope do next, eliminate the ancient Greek rites of the Byzantine or Eastern Catholic churches, demand that they too use the Novus Ordo, and throw away their icons, unique style of chant and their unique liturgical languages? Force them to stop using the spoon for Communion and switch to unleavened bread? Because that is the magnitude of what Francis and Cupich and their radical predecessors have done to the Western Catholic church, and more. God help us all

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