Save the Latin Mass Chicago Rosary Rally

Holy Name Cathedral
Sunday, February 6, 11 AM – Noon

As the restrictions on traditional Catholicism imposed by Cardinal Cupich come into force in the Archdiocese of Chicago, bishops, priests and the laity are making it clear with increasing conviction that the elimination of the Traditional Rite and the attacks on the communities rooted in it are very serious mistakes, ones that must be corrected.

Sunday, February 6 will be the first “first Sunday” on which the Chicago Cardinal’s new prohibition on the Traditional Latin Mass will be in effect. At this moment, our public witness to Catholic tradition and the timeless validity of the Mass of the ages, elements that have been foundational to Christianity and Christian civilization, is a vital part of the growing effort to turn back the unwarranted and destructive new restrictions.

In recent decades, our Church has been ineffective, often willfully so, in instilling principles of Christian morality into the lives of Catholics, such that the values and lifestyles of Western Catholics as a whole much more closely resemble those of atheists than they do the ways of those who sincerely seek to follow the teachings of Christ. Abortion, premarital sex, cohabitation, homosexuality, gay marriage, materialism, moral relativism, the primacy of self, critical race theory and gender ideology are examples. As the tensions between increasingly toxic secular norms and the values of authentic Christianity increase, many who lead our Church are actively driving capitulation to the ways of the world. At the same time, members of the communities who are deeply committed to living in accordance with the Word of God are being rejected and maligned with false assertions and stunning cruelty by our Pope.

In the name of unity, Traditionis Custodes sets the stage for traditional Catholic communities to either be dissolved, abandon that which has allowed them to thrive or be driven out of communion with the Chruch, forcing their members to surrender the traditional framework which has allowed them to live fully Christian lives while immersed in an anti-Christian society. While the wider Church is in rapid decline, the traditionalist groups being subjected to this existential threat have been growing, drawing young people to the faith, producing large families, defending and promoting the Christian way of life and giving the Church many vocations, precisely because of their fidelity to Christ.

In the name of unity, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, dominated by a radical minority including Cardinals Cupich and Tobin, has ensured that the ostensibly Catholic politicians holding the most powerful political offices in our nation can enact barbaric abortion policies, a profoundly grave and consequential sin, while receiving Holy Communion and publicly asserting a devout Catholic identity.

We don’t need that kind of unity. Pope Francis has openly renounced his responsibility to defend the deposit of faith. He has turned instead to the voices of heretical bishops, heretical organizations and a largely secularized laity for inspiration in his campaign to “create a different Church”, inviting their promotion of normative and popular worldly desires and aiming to find in them the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Who will stand to defend the integrity of the faith? One by one, priests who do so are losing their faculties. The coercive authoritarian oppression to which good priests and faithful traditionalist communities are being subjected is crushing. Yet this oppression cannot be sustained if we, the laity, carry out our duty, in accordance with Canon 212, to bear witness to the faith for the good of the Church.

Join us on Sunday at Holy Name Cathedral to pray the Rosary for the Church and to make known to the Pope, bishops, clergy and the wider world, that neither the destruction of our strong traditional Catholic communities nor the corruption of the Catholic faith itself will be tolerated. It is only in fidelity to Christ that we can be His one holy Catholic and apostolic Church. In solidarity, we will stand united in defense of tradition and the faith.

Save the Latin Mass Rosary Rally
Sunday, February 6, 11 am – noon
Holy Name Cathedral
735 N State St.
Chicago, Il

3 thoughts on “Save the Latin Mass Chicago Rosary Rally

  1. Up is down, good is evil, evil is good, evangelize but don’t convince any one to believe anything of consequence, happy clappy, everyone gets a participation trophy, no one is condemned for anything, keep donating for apartments and pornography and off color movies, community organizing and all is good. Makes perfect sense er no?


  2. I attend a Tridentine Mass in New England, and it would break my heart to have it extinguished. I support you in fighting to save beauty, as ‘beauty will save the world’.


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