Mass of the Ages Episode 2 Premier – Washington DC, Detroit, Lincoln NE

Mass of the Ages is a documentary trilogy that explores the richness of the Traditional Latin Mass through stunning cinematography and inspiring stories. But it’s not just three beautiful films. It’s also an investigation into the surprising events that led to the creation of the New Mass and its mysterious architect, Archbishop Bugnini. If you’ve ever wondered why Mass at your local parish looks nothing like the Mass your grandparents knew, the story is told in episode II.

Lincoln, NE

Tickets: $10
Edgewood Theater
Monday, May 23

Detroit, MI

Tickets: Free
AMC Fairlane Dearborn
Monday, May 23
(No Q&A Session)

Washington, DC

Tickets: Free
Miracle Theater
Wednesday, May 25
Doors open 6:30pm

Tickets may be obtained here. Please consider making a donation at that link in lieu of ticket sales.

Evening Schedule:

Episode I
Episode II
Panel Discussion
Audience Q&A

Please join the creators of the Mass of the Ages trilogy for this eye-opening event.

2 thoughts on “Mass of the Ages Episode 2 Premier – Washington DC, Detroit, Lincoln NE

  1. Thank you for the invitation! I live in Anchorage, AK and will not be able to attend. I am a 7 year revert of 55 years away from the Church and hold the Mass of the Ages very dear to my heart. The Dominican Rite Latin Mass is the only traditional Mass available here and I consider myself very blessed. So far our Bishop Bellasario is allowing the Dominican Rite which is held 4pm Sundays and 4pm Wednesdays but is not happy about it. But! The Dominican Mission, Anchorage supplies OPs to cover Christmas and Easter needs in many of the far away villages. The Dioceses of Juno and Fairbanks cannot reach nor cover the needs of the Catholic Families living off the grids or highway systems any time of the year. . Our congregation of 75 families (most with 5 or more children) are outspoken in their demand to keep the Dominican Rite Mass and Friar/Preachers who know how to celebrate the Mass. Father says a Litany to the Blessed Virgin written in the 1300s after Mass on Sundays to pray for the preservation and continuation of the Dominican Rite. I will add your group to the prayer list and remember all of you brave and committed Catholic souls. This tyranny must stop! Viva Christo Rex.

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  2. Our family would love to see Episode 2 in a theatre, unfortunately, we don’t live near any of the showings, most especially, Chicago! Believe me, we checked all the locations. Come to Chesapeake/Virginia Beach! We love Tradition!! The Jenkins Family


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